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The new S-Band telemetry transmitter TXS is designed for operation in harsh aerospace environments. Baseband response from dc to 10 MHz allows NRZ data transmission of up to 20 Mbps, and the high-efficiency 6 Watt output stage (10 Watt @ non-isolated version) is unconditionally stable under all output mismatch conditions. Frequency and rf power can be programmed via a serial interface, and the device status can be interrogated in real time (e.g. transmitted and reflected power or current consumption). Rugged construction and the ultra-compact enclosure make the TXS ideally suited for operation in aircraft, UAVs and missiles.
  TXS Instruction Manual   (preliminary)
  TXS Mounting Instructions

Recommended Mating Connector = Glenair pre-wired pigtail connector (with slot head jackscrews):

  Connector MWDM2L-15P-6E5-18S         MIL-STD-681 Color Code Chart
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