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CCD Chip CCD 486 B1 (Fairchild Imaging)
Illumination backside
Filling Factor 100%
Number of Pixels 4096 x 4096
Pixel Size 15 µm x 15 µm
Detector Area 61.4 mm x 61.4 mm
Dark Current 0.02 e- (@ -60°C)
Full Well Capacity (V) 100 ke-
Full Well Capacity (H) 750 ke-
Read-Out Area 4 x (2k x 2k) pixels
Read-Out Amplifier 4 x low-noise
Read-Out ADC 4 x 16 Bit
Read-Out Rate 4 MHz (4 x 1 MHz)
Cooling -60ºC (thermoelectric + water)
Vacuum Seal hard metal, maintenance-free
Illumination backside
Shutter Unit inside the dewar, < 500ms
Interface 1 GBit LAN
The CCD 486 is a 4k x 4k charge coupled device
full frame image sensor from Fairchild Imaging.
Photos: © Fairchild Imaging
The Peregrine 486 Scientific Camera from Fairchild Imaging.
The HPC from SRS will have similar features, but with integrated shutter unit, and another mechanical and electrical interface.