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WINS radio system for network con­nection between aircraft and ground station for the twin-turboprop aircraft Dornier Do 228-212 operated by DLR (Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raum­fahrt) in Ober­pfaffen­hofen.

WINS antenna diversity radio system for the DLR´s research aircraft Cessna 208B Grand Caravan
application for the project VABENE
projekt flyer: flyer_vabene.pdf

WINS radio system for the UAV ´Scout´ from Rheinmetall Defence Electro­nics: long-range UAV optimized to withstand harsh wind and weather conditions.

UHF transceiver for use in small satellites. The aims were miniature construction and suitability for use in space, with the costs kept down.
Application in the LAPAN-TUBSAT

UHF datalink for transmitting tyre tem­pera­ture data of the ´Jäger 90´ during landing. The very high demands placed on the transmitter for withstanding tem­pera­ture and shocks were met by a special casting process and the de­ve­lop­ment of an oscillator and transmitter circuit that withstands the casting.
Wikipedia: Eurofighter EF 2000

Wireless datalink for remote control of the unmanned minesweeper (drones of the ´Seehund´ type). TDMA system with antenna diversity in transmit and receive mode; range >10 NM. The sys­tem is in current use by the German and Dutch navies. ´Seehund´: [picture1]  [picture2]
Description of the MCM C2-System
Info: unmanned minesweeper

Digital flight-termination system with encrypted narrow-band wireless link, very secure against interference and with a very large operating range. A big advantage is that one transmitter can control several airborne drones at the same time. It is employed in KZO, the re­connaissance UAV from Rheinmetall.
Wikipedia: KZO (UAV)
Rheinmetall: Reconnaissance UAV KZO

In addition to these highlights there were, of course, many other projects, e.g. numerous measurement systems for the motor-vehicle industry, industrial telemetry systems, highly shock-resistant telemetry transmitters and much more... There are further examples on the product page: SRS Products