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In late 2014 business of company  Schulze Radio Systems  were taken over by the
company KMT - Kraus Messtechnik GmbH. The sectors Telemetry Trans­mitters
and Receivers, Tracking Antennas, Satellite Transceivers as well as WINS Network components will be continued by KMT.

KMT - Kraus Messtechnik GmbH
Gewerbering 9
D-83624 Otterfing / Germany
KMT - Kraus Messtechnik GmbH

Company Profile SRS

Schulze Radio Systems (SRS) combines decades of experience, highly qualified personnel and cost-efficient development and manufacturing processes in a symbiosis not found elsewhere in the market. The aim is to develop and produce radio systems and equipment for use in military or scientific applications, that, for this quality and reliability, either have no market competition or can be supplied at significantly lower cost than comparable products from competitors.

Company Philosophy

Reliability of our products has the highest priority because with the small numbers produced and their safety-critical uses, just a single failing device can cause the customer great damage and loss of reputation.
High quality usually requires the use of considerable financial and personnel resources. However, this quickly leads to a ´cost explosion´ since, for example, doubling the number of personnel does not lead to anything like a doubling of the quality, but requires a big increase in the re­sources used for monitoring the work.
The route chosen by SRS to achieve high reliability has, in place of all this, slim organizational structures and the avoidance of errors right from the start, in addition to intelligent quality assurance processes that are in some respects stricter than required by military standards. Costs are kept low as this requires few personnel - automatic test equipment performs these tasks more quickly and considerably more reliably.
The special ´trick´ in this is that some of the test equipment is integrated in (and supplied with) the products. This may sound expensive but in fact it is by far the most economical and reliable solution since it minimizes personnel costs and human errors.
A large number of systems in operation in naval, air force and even in space applications together with, in particular, satisfied customers, confirm the success of this philosophy.