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WINS components

WINS   Long Range Radio Network


  • frequency range 4.9-5.8 GHz (other frequencies on request)
  • long range WLAN functionality
  • RF bitrate up to 54 Mbps
  • communication ports: RS232 and Ethernet 100Base-TX
  • integrated tracking antenna control system
  • portable system, easy to use


The main use of the modular IP transmission system WINS is for networking mobile units, such as un-manned aircraft and a ground station, with the aim of achieving the highest data rate possible while also working over long ranges.
WINS takes the burden of wireless-related technical worries away from the user and provides an Ethernet connection at each station so that the whole system works like a conventional WLAN.
The preferred frequency range is 4.9 - 5.8 GHz; however, the modular design makes it possible to have systems for any required frequency.

Use under actual conditions is made much easier by the integrated automatic antenna tracking feature that is always available for operation without manual adjustment. The information required by each station about geographical location and spatial orientation is supplied by GPS together with accelerometers, even making an accurate horizontal orientation of the ground antenna unnecessary. By using the wireless link, each unit knows the position of the other units and can control the direction of its own antenna.
In addition, there is a protocol interface for accepting external attitude and position data; in the airborne system, for example, supplying the current values of roll. pitch and heading can improve the accuracy of the control.

The ground system can also be used as a tracking system for other wireless systems if it is supplied with the appropriate target position.
  Overview:  wins_network_system.pdf
  Presentation:  wins_presentation.pdf